Digital Advertisement

We help creating and managing all digital advertisement that will help your business reach targeted audience who are interested with you business or service. 

If you need App install, website traffic, video views, post engagement, brand awareness, even to increase sales 

we have more then 5 years of experience on digital advertisement and we have been certified by Google and Facebook.

Why your Business Need Digital Advertisement

1: Easy and affordable

  • It is easy to use
  • It is cheapest one compared to other means of advertisement (Eg Radio, Tv, Newspaper are very expensive with no detailed and targeted audience).
  • Affordable, through this platform few marketing employees will be needed, cost minimization.

2: Audience can be correctly targeted

You can target your audience according to their Age, gender, location, interest, professional, demographics. This makes explosive results.

3: Traceable and calculated Results

You may easily understand all activities and results of your ads. Eg how many people reached or engaged on your ads. You may observe your failure and success.

4: Most of your customers are on Social Media

Eg: in Tanzania there are more than 29 million internet user which is almost more than 50% of the total population of Tanzania. (TCRA last report 2021)

5: It is everywhere and any time.

This is due to fact that, a customer can view your ads anytime, anywhere with their smartphone or computer.

6: Fashionable, latest and currently way of advertising.

Because there are people searching for your Products and Services Online

We help you to Advertise on

1: Facebook ads

We help you to advertise in facebook with any objective type  depend on the company, Brand or organisation needs. Therefore you my reach specific (targeted) Audience that have interest with your business or service.

2: Instagram Ads

With instagram advertisement will help your business or organization to engeage with your existing customers (audience) and help to grow your brands, Business or Service.

3: Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you have a websit? If yes we will help you to increase you Search engine optimization. And Rank your website to 1 – 10 page in Google, Bing, Yahoo.

4: Google ads (YouTube, Google display Ads)

We will let your ads appear to different site and youtube. Yes we help you to advertisein google and all its partner site. this include YouTube ads, Native Ads, Ads mob, Display ads and so more.

5: Twitter ads

Do you struggle with Twitter ads? Let us help you. We have experience with different twitter ads objective (goals), If you need app install, website traffic, video views, post engagement, even brand awareness.

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