Digital Advertisement

We help creating and managing all digital advertisement that will help your business reach targeted audience who are interested with you business or service. If you need App install, website traffic, video views, post engagement, brand awareness, even to increase sales. 

Our professional team have more then 5 years of experience on digital advertisement and we have been Certified by Google and Facebook. We will handles all of your Digital Advertising including Copywriting, Content(video/poster) Creation and Ads campaign setup on  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google search, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Why Digital Ads?

More than 27 million Tanzanians use the internet. Among them, there are buyers of your product. As a business owner, it is important to be aware of modern ways to capture customers online. Digital Marketing is the only easy and effective way to promote your business online.


It is cheapest one compared to other means of advertisement. Eg Radio, Tv are very expensive with no detailed and targeted audience. Also few marketing employees will be

Audience can be correctly targeted

You can target your audience according to their Age, gender, location, interest, professional, demographics. This makes explosive results.

Traceable and calculated Results

You may easily understand all activities and results of your ads. Eg how many people reached or engaged on your ads. You may observe your failure and success.

Most of your customers are on Social Media​

Many people use social media to search products or services every day, This is a great opportunity for you to reach your target customers. 

It is everywhere and any time.​

This is due to fact that, a customer can view your ads anytime, anywhere with their smartphone or computer.

Fashionable, latest and currently way of advertising.​

Because there are people searching for your Products and Services Online

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